Thursday, September 3, 2009


This is my 1st time enjoy a such great meals at TEPPANYAKI..i have planned before for getting sensation of meals here but keadaan yang tidak mengizinkan.finally we went to TEPPANYAKI, MidVel last Wednesday for our break fasting..1st time ni..i was excited and i felt like in Japan =) i made a reservation 1st because restaurant was full. biasa la, bulan Ramadhan ni la kita nak rasa kelainan dan kemeriahan berbuka puasa..Fortunately, we're lucky to get our seats and we were last..after kitorang semua terlepas..kalo nak gak, lepas berbuka..pity

With me, En ZA..we had take our break fast together..Thanks dear for the treat..kitorang makan berdua tapi macam berempat yer..macam mana tuh??hehe..makan sampai muntah, melekat katanya (^.*) the menus consist of : TEPPANYAKI Chicken, TEPPANYAKI CuttleFish, sup sayur (i forget the Japanese name), snow (ABC), lemon tea..the snow was really nice taste and got beautiful touched.

We got special seats..betul2 depan dapur..kalo rasa lapar sgt, boleh jer masak, during waiting time, we just looked at up the chef..control macho ni masak beef, chicken, etc..the good thing, the chef wear mask, shows that they are really concern about clean and health and customer satisfaction..since this is Japanese foods, what do you aspect if the food tasteless (for malaysian co-), saltless??hehe..nasib baik we are creative persons..haha..we add in ketchup, sos to our!!wonderful ;o) sedap sedap sedap

This mine!!TEPPANYAKI Chicken..yum yum yum..sharing is caring, caring is harm we share

**burrPP..we were full..Alhamdulillah, Thanks God for giving me all the rezeki..we were finish after 1 and half hour..seriously, we enjoy the food..wish to come again.hahaha.."makan untuk hidup", after finished our break fasting, we went around MidVel..meriah2!!HARI RAYA AKAN TIBA.....lalalalalala

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