Sunday, July 25, 2010

My Destiny

Right, we will not get everything that we want,
but at least i tried to get it.
Yes, it is fated by God..
"Wa ma karu, wa ma karullah"
Allah has something better for us
To be honest, it is all about my career, my future and my life..
I have done my work, my part as good as possible
Yes, you could say that only me myself said that i am good
But i am not,
Then, how about you yourself??
You said that you are good, you still keep saying that..
As a layman, as a young generation
Yes definitely i am looking forward for my career development
I do not know how about the rest
Please do not compare between them and i
Maybe, they had achieved their goals, but i have not
I did not say this current position is not good for me
But i believe that everyone here loves to get something better in future
Hope tommorow is better than today, you either
I planned to take a specialist certificate
It is just for my betterment
As you, i hope to see your encouragement,
your support and your good feedback
But it looks like only my wishes come into my dream
You judged me like i am not loyal person
You judged me like i am a son whose disobey his parent
You judged me like i am a friend whose betray the relationship
You throw me away from where you are
Oh my God, i am sad and i feel bad
That was not my intention
Only for my betterment and development
I am seeking your kind and good consideration
Because this is my destiny

Sunday, July 4, 2010


ada orang sibuk tanya aku

kenapa aku sibuk?

aku tanya, kenapa kau sibuk??

aku tak marah sebab kau sibuk

saja sibuk nak tau

aku sibuk sebab

aku saja nak menyibukkan diri

aku rasa bila aku sibuk,

sekurangnya aku lupa untuk

memikirkan perkara-perkara yang menyibuk

dalam kepala otak aku yang dah cukup sibuk

ada juga yang mempertikaikan aku

bila aku sibuk

tapi bila kau sibuk

kau tak suka aku sibuk

kesibukan aku hari ini

adalah kerana kesibukan kau

hari-hari sebelum ini.........